Camp Richard Challenge Grant Announced
April 9, 2015

Continuing its strong defense in the battle for ownership of Boy Scout Camp Richard on Nantucket, the Nantucket Land Council is launching a 2015 Challenge Grant to fund legal fees for the Nantucket Boy Scouts in their bid to preserve this critical piece of open land. 


“Though we have been successful over the past two years in raising money and awareness for our Camp Richard legal defense, the attorney fees continue to mount as we assist in the fight to prevent developers from taking over this critical open space,” said Nantucket Land Council Executive Director Cormac Collier.  “Therefore, we are announcing this new campaign for 2015 in hopes that the community will rise to the challenge of matching $150,000 which we have already raised in either pledges or gifts.”


According to Collier, Land Council board members have made significant pledges or gifts toward the $150,000 goal, along with other generous Nantucketers who are passionate about protecting Camp Richard and supporting the local Boy Scouts.


Currently the ownership issue is in the hands of the Barnstable Superior Court.  In December

the Nantucket Civic League served a motion for summary judgment, asking the Court to rule in its favor without the need for a trial.  No decision has yet been made regarding the motion.


The 111-year-old nonprofit Nantucket Civic League based its motion for summary judgment on terms in deeds by which the Civic League donated 100 acres now occupied by Camp Richard to the Nantucket Boy Scouts, so long as the Civic League would retain a right to have the land revert to Civic League ownership if the property ever ceased to be used for Boy Scout purposes. Members of the Nantucket Boy Scout Committee, who have owned and operated the site for over 40 years, joined in the Civic League’s motion for summary judgment.

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