School Programs

School Programs
Engaging children with Nantucket’s natural resources through school field trips.

Cultivating an appreciation of nature at an early age ensures the legacy of an environmentally-minded community in the future. The education program is led by Resource Ecologist Emily Molden with support from area teachers from schools K-12.

The Fall of 2015 brought Ms. Molden to a variety of classrooms in Nantucket Elementary, Middle and High School as well as the Nantucket New School and Nantucket Lighthouse School.

Eductional presentations focused on Nantucket’s natural habitats with an emphasis on plant and insect species native to the island. A Fall field trip with first-graders explored the seasonality of these creatures and habitats.

Another engaging experience demystified our island’s sole source aquifer and highlighted local watersheds. Students observed relevant concepts and features in the field, after engaging with the water quality model in the classroom.

The ever popular Monarch Life Cycle program rounded our fall offerings.  Ms. Molden provided monarch larvae to several classrooms with some milkweed for habitat and food. Students watched as larvae slowly turned to butterflies before releasing them into nature.

If you are interested in having the NLC work with students at your school, please send an email to: