Nantucket Green Crab Week

Join the Maria Mitchell Association and the Nantucket Land Council during the 1st Annual Nantucket Green Crab Week, August 10th – 15th to learn more about this threat, participate in citizen science research, and learn how to collect, cook, and use green crabs in a variety of ways. Events include videos, live demonstrations and lectures, and a citizen science activity.

The NLC has been studying the Green Crab populations in Nantucket harbor over the past several years and has expanded our research in 2020 to include a molting study designed to explore the possibilities of this invasive species as a viable Nantucket fishery.  Read more about the NLC’s Green Crab Research…

2020 Nantucket Green Crab Week Schedule of Events

Monday, August 10th

  • The Green Crab Problem (YouTube Video)
  • How to Identify Green Crabs (YouTube Video)

Tuesday, August 11th

  • Research Demonstration with the Nantucket Land Council (YouTube Video)
  • Green Crab AMA with MMA Aquarium Director Jack Dubinsky (Live Zoom)

Wednesday, August 12th

  • Help Us Monitor Nantucket’s Green Crab Population (YouTube Video)
  • Release Nantucket Green Crab Survey (Ongoing Citizen Science Activity)
  • MMA Science Speaker Series with James Elliot. “Life History and Population Dynamics of Green Crabs (Carcinus maenas)” (Live Zoom)

Thursday, August 13th

  • Green Crab Cooking Demonstration with Mary Parks (Live Zoom)
  • Green Crab Recipe (YouTube Video)

Friday, August 14th

  • How to Use Green Crabs as Fishing Bait (YouTube Video)
  • How to Incorporate Green Crabs into Compost and Fertilizer (YouTube Video)