The NLC’s primary source of funding comes from our membership base. Every donation we receive is used to accomplish our mission related goals including the protection for and advocacy of healthy harbors, sustainable shellfish habitats, rare and endangered species and scenic open spaces.

Our staff attends meetings of the local governing boards to advocate for environmentally conscious decision-making. We also provide environmental legal defense and counsel when development proposals threaten our natural resources.

Educational opportunities provided by the NLC include grants to local teachers, community lectures & field trips, landscaping education for professionals and home gardeners and field research and reporting.

The NLC protects over 1,400 acres of open space including 114 acres of working fields at Bartlett’s Farm, 260 acres at Linda Loring Nature Foundation and 350 acres of Tuckernuck Island in addition to over 600 acres of privately owned properties.

We are here to help protect the island that you love. Help us reach our goals by becoming a member today. We can’t do it without your generous support. Members receive bi-annual newsletters and our Annual Report as well as invitations to upcoming special events and educational field trips and tours.