NLC News: 2020 State of the Harbor Forum – September 24

The Nantucket Land Council is excited to present the 4th Annual State of the Harbor Forum on Thursday, September 24, 2020at 4:30pm via Zoom. We look forward to hosting you for a virtual presentation of The State of the Harbor: Impacts and Implications of a Changing Climate

For this special edition of the forum, we are excited to announce a feature presentation by Pulitzer Prize finalist Elizabeth Rush, author of Rising, Dispatches from the New American Shore. Additional presenters include Emily Molden – Nantucket Land Council Executive Director, Jeff Carlson – Town of Nantucket Natural Resources Director, RJ Turcotte – Nantucket Land Council Resource Ecologist, Dr. Jennifer Karberg – Nantucket Conservation Foundation Research Program Supervisor and Vince Murphy – Town of Nantucket Coastal Resilience Coordinator. 

Coastal communities across the country and the world have been focusing more and more resources on many aspects of our changing climate including sea level rise. Nantucket has been following suit with local research and monitoring and with the Town’s formal coastal resilience planning efforts. As Nantucket moves forward to address the impending implications of climate change and sea level rise it is important to foster greater awareness and conversation around the interconnectedness of our built environment and the sea. This interface where these two zones meet will become increasingly relevant and increasingly gray. While many other communities have already faced difficult decisions and demonstrated both proactive and reactive responses, Nantucket is poised to learn and to lead, from others’ experience and through new perspectives.

The NLC is proud to present this yearly educational event free for the community as an opportunity to hear about on-going research as well as preservation and protection efforts in Nantucket Harbor.  Registration is free and available HERE

A huge thanks to our sponsors and supporters Nantucket Shellfish Association and Anderson’s Stillwater Moorings for helping bring this free, educational event to our island community.

For sponsorship opportunities or other questions, please email