NLC News: Annual Town Meeting

Nantucket’s 2020 ATM was postponed in April due to the pandemic and has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 25th. The Town has been working hard to reorganize and plan a way to proceed while keeping the community safe. This will be a Town Meeting like no other. The Warrant has been reviewed by Town departments and staff and of the original 117 articles, 29 have been identified as “essential” to Town operations. All 117 articles will be open to “Call” at the beginning of the meeting as per usual. However, any of the remaining 88 “non-essential” articles that are called will be “passed-over” and placed on the next special or annual town meeting warrant. If a voter disagrees with the motion as printed in the Warrant for any “non-essential” article, you need not attend to “call” the article this year. Instead, you can email the Town Moderator, Sarah Alger at , in advance and the article will be “passed-over” until at least the fall. Please include in your subject line, “Calling Article XX”.

The NLC reviewed the Warrant with the motions published and printed in the spring (dated April 4, 2020) and produced our annual NLC Voter Recommendation Sheet. While it was never printed and distributed as a result of the pandemic, it can be found on our website (or click here: 2020 ATM NLC Warrant Review) for your review. As of June 15th, the following Articles have already been called and so will not be discussed or voted on at the June 25th meeting: Article 38, 48, 55, 56, 57, 73. We encourage everyone to review the Warrant in advance and to notify the Moderator if you disagree with a motion and would like to “call” an article. While we typically encourage as much participation as possible, this year we encourage you to participate in advance so you can stay safe at home. Visit the Town’s website for more information and utilize the links below:

Letter to Voters from the Town 

Original 2020 Annual Town Meeting Warrant 

Essential Warrant Articles with Revised Motions