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NLC News: Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee: Nantucket’s Comprehensive Coastal Resilience Plan

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24th at 10:00AM the Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee will be holding one of the most consequential meetings this year. Tomorrow will be the first presentation given by the consulting company Arcadis on how they will be working to compile a comprehensive coastal resilience plan for our community. This plan will guide our decisions on everything from private bulkhead design to public road layouts for the next fifty years.
For the past year, the Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee has met each month to help town officials come up with a comprehensive list of priorities that are important for Nantucket to adapt to erosion and sea level rise, as well as higher tides, more frequent storms, and everything else that comes along with living on an island during the era of climate change.
Taking this into consideration, the Town put out a Request For Proposals, and then selected Arcadis from a crowded and competitive field of coastal engineering and consulting firms who submitted detailed proposals. Arcadis has a diverse background working with communities all around the world as they work to build WITH the natural world instead of the traditional methods which are often in conflict with nature.
If you would like to attend tomorrow’s meeting as a member of the public, the Zoom link can be found HERE. The agenda can be found HERE. If you’ll be at work, but would like to attend later, the meeting will be recorded and placed on the Town’s YouTube page for your convenience.