NLC News: Fall Karen K. Borchert Education Grants Open For Submission

The Nantucket Land Council is pleased to announce its twenty-sixth year of financial assistance to Nantucket students and teachers in grades K-12 via the Karen K. Borchert Educational Grant Program to conduct science and environmental projects. Our goal is to encourage students’ understanding of their local environment through direct involvement in project-related activities! The intention of this program is to help teachers enhance their curriculum with alternative learning tools (materials or activities).

Awards will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Project’s ability to enhance students’ science/environmental learning process
  • Project’s direct connection to students’ curriculum
  • Sustainability of grant (Will it benefit students for years to come?)
  • Budget documentation (Are costs well-substantiated; are equipment purchases defined, etc.?)
  • Track record of grantee (History of grants received; previous project outcomes; reporting performance, etc.)

Fall grant proposals should be submitted to RJ Turcotte at the Nantucket Land Council office no later than Friday, October 18, 2019. The NLC Karen K Borchert Educational Grant Application Fall 2019 must be completed at a minimum.  Please read more about our Karen K. Borchert Educational Grant Program; a pillar of the NLC misson is to serve as an educational resource to the Nantucket community and support our environmental protection efforts via educating members of our community of all ages!