NLC News: Free Planting for Pollinators Webinar

The Nantucket Land Council invites you to join us in supporting the island environment by Planting for Pollinators! Pollinators are critical components to a healthy ecosystem. By selecting the right plants, following a few guidelines, and staying pesticide free, you can create important pollinator habitat in just a small area. Consider re-purposing some lawn or converting an existing garden bed. The plants suggested through our program will require less water and less fertilizer than most, leading to improved water quality and overall sustainability. When you ditch the chemicals and work with nature, you support greater biodiversity and ecosystem health from the soil to the sky. Help spread the word! We can build a network of pollinator habitat, and beautiful natural spaces across Nantucket from our own backyards. Happy Planting!


When you register for this program you will receive our do-it-yourself guide to creating a small, medium or large pollinator friendly garden. We have worked with Surfing Hydrangea Nursery to ensure that our recommended species will be available for you this summer.

As part of the program you will receive monthly emails with updates and tips to help guide you through the season. Register HERE.

Watch our Planting for Pollinators on Nantucket webinar: