NLC News: Green Boating Tips for a Healthy Harbor!

Happy Spring Nantucket! Each week we will share with you our top tip for boating and recreating safely on our harbor waters.  Follow along in Instagram and Facebook and be sure to Save the Date for our 2021 State of the Harbor Forum on July 20, 2021 for a special presentation about Clean Boating and Healthy Harbor Use!

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Tip #1:  Spring cleaning the green way: As an alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, mix one cup white vinegar with two gallons water. This serves as an all-purpose scrubbing solution for those pesky fish scales or common spills on deck.

Tip #2: Environmentally friendly paint for your boat’s topsides: All boats need protection from the harsh elements of the marine environment. Paint is the most common and most effective protectant for your wooden topsides, but not all are created equal! Choose a topside paint that is latex or water-based. Not only are water-based paints less harmful to our harbors, but they also can be cleaned up with water instead of toxic paint thinner.

Tip #3: Use environmentally friendly bottom paint: If you keep your boat in the water for extended periods, such as at mooring or in a slip, you need some sort of “antifouling” paint. This specially formulated group of paints is designed to keep marine life from growing on your hull, which can cause handling issues and decrease boat performance if left unchecked. Ask your marina for water-based and solvent-free formulas of antifouling paint, which will lessen your boat’s impact on our harbors.

Tip #4: Keep your bottom clean! Periodically scrub your hull beneath the waterline to keep marine growth like barnacles and algae to a minimum. This will help your boat’s fuel economy and handling- and burning less fuel saves your wallet as well as the environment!