NLC News: Karen K. Borchert Educational Grant Program Open

The Land Council is thrilled to announce this year’s first recipients of our annual Karen K. Borchert Environmental Education Grant Program – Cyrus Peirce Middle School! NLC has awarded $3,000.00 for purchase of OpenSciEd kits for middle school students. These kits, which are a mix of both consumable and non-consumable science education materials, will help Cyrus Peirce students learn science in a hands-on, state of the art way for years to come. They will also provide teachers with concrete, fun lessons to help students better understand the world around them through the eyes of a budding scientist.
The NLC’s Karen K. Borchert Grant program will be slightly modified in this 2020-21 season. In light of the ongoing educational challenges caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are accepting rolling 2020-2021 Grant Applications from educators to better assist them with supplemental environmental education as the need arises. If you have an idea for an environmental education program that you need help funding, please reach out to us at 508-228-2818 or email RJ Turcotte at for more information. Download the grant application form here.