NLC News: Nantucket Green Crab Week

August 10-14th, the Nantucket Land Council is teaming up with the Maria Mitchell Association to hold Nantucket’s first ever Green Crab Week!

The European green crab is an invasive species that was accidentally introduced here in the early 1800s, probably in the ballast water of ships. These crabs are fierce predators that love feeding on many of our local shellfish such as soft-shell clams, mussels, and even juvenile scallops. They also tear up eelgrass as they dig for food, making their large population a detriment to our marine ecosystem.

Throughout the week, NLC and MMA staff will post educational content on green crabs, their biology, behavior, how we’re addressing the problems associated with them, and how you can get involved. On Thursday at 5PM, join us for our August installment of Clean Water Topics on Tap– we’ll be joined by green crab expert and master chef Mary Parks as she gives a delicious green crab cooking demo. Mary is Executive Director of, a nonprofit dedicated to developing culinary markets for the invasive green crab. She is also coauthor of the acclaimed green crab cookbook.  Register for this free summer webinar HERE.


2020 Nantucket Green Crab Week Schedule of Events

Monday, August 10th

  • The Green Crab Problem (YouTube Video)
  • How to Identify Green Crabs (YouTube Video)

Tuesday, August 11th

Wednesday, August 12th

  • Help Us Monitor Nantucket’s Green Crab Population (YouTube Video)
  • Release Nantucket Green Crab Survey (Ongoing Citizen Science Activity)
  • MMA Science Speaker Series with James Elliot. “Life History and Population Dynamics of Green Crabs (Carcinus maenas)” (Live Zoom)

Thursday, August 13th

Friday, August 14th

  • How to Use Green Crabs as Fishing Bait (YouTube Video)
  • How to Incorporate Green Crabs into Compost and Fertilizer (YouTube Video)

Join us in this special week of awareness about Green Crabs in our Nantucket waters!