NLC News: Support the Town’s denial of the SBPF project update

Nantucketers: We need your voice. Our Conservation Commission denied the proposed geotube expansion by Sconset Beach Preservation Fund based on concrete scientific findings, and it is before the Superior Court on appeal. In the meantime, SBPF representatives and Town officials have been working on a Memorandum which would allow a settlement prior to Superior Court’s decision. Unfortunately, it does not address the environmental issues outlined by the Commission, and simply allows SBPF to build their project. This enormous project, equivalent in length to a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, cannot be built without using YOUR PUBLIC BEACH. You have an opportunity for your voice to be heard next Thursday, 11/5, at 5:30PM. Please join us and make sure the Town stands with our Conservation Commission and sees the Superior Court case through to its conclusion. Provide any written comments or concerns to the Concom office (; in writing by noon tomorrow for the Commission to read prior to Thursday’s meeting. A copy of the memorandum can be found at the Town of Nantucket website.