NLC News: Thankful for Nancy Sevrens and More Open Space

The Nantucket Land Council would like to recognize and thank Ms. Nancy Sevrens for protecting another 3.25 acres of open space mid-island. Last fall Nancy donated a Conservation Restriction (CR) on her beautiful Vesper Lane property which will serve as a natural open habitat for the future. In 2007 Nancy also donated a CR on her other Vesper Lane property to the NLC before conveying it to the Land Bank, permanently protecting the view shed as one drives out of the mid-island towards Hummock Pond Road. Nancy stated, “I never wanted to see houses built up on my properties so I chose to permanently protect them with Conservation Restrictions so the open space and habitat would be safe from development in the future”. We are grateful to Nancy and the legacy she is leaving the island.

Conservation Restrictions are legal agreements between an owner of land with conservation values and a nonprofit group, such as the NLC, or government entity that always will protect that land. Each CR reflects a unique parcel of land and its landowner’s wishes for the future use of the land. For more information on the NLC’s CR program contact: