The entry to Boy Scout Camp Richard

Update on the Boy Scout Legal Case

The Nantucket Land Council, Nantucket Civic League, and the local Boy Scout leaders continue to seek a resolution to the court case that challenged the ownership and deed restrictions on the land. Last fall the Court through Summary Judgment that the Civic Leagues reverter clause was in full force and effect which ensured that the land could only be used as a campground for Nantucket Boy Scouts. However, the Judge also declared the Cape and Islands Council as the Trustee for the property. The parties are discussing ways to ensure that a sufficient amount of land gets put into permanent protection. The Land Council would also like to see that the past forty years of local environmental stewardship is respected by creating an operation and management agreement with local control. Past actions by the Cape and Island Council to try to sell portions of the Camp to an off-island developer supports our concerted attempts for continued local authority and oversight of the campground.