Water Surface

Water Quality Ad Campaign

July 21 Save Scallops The NLC has partnered with our local newspaper, The Inquirer & Mirror, to run a 12 week long ad campaign focused on educating the public on water quality concerns and how to address them. Each ad targets a different topic related to Nantucket’s water quality including how over fertilizing lawns cause nitrous and phosphorus to run off into ground water and eventually leading into our harbor to create pollution. Our community is directly affecting the state of the harbor and it is preventable.

July 14 Eel GrassPollutants in the harbor create an overgrowth of algae, killing off the much needed eelgrass that bay scallops use to grow and live. If the bay scallops have nowhere to live, they die off rapidly and cause a down turn in commercial fishing. Nantucket’s residents have depended on commercial fishing and harvesting of bay scallops for decades.  These ads aim to educate homeowners.